Betfair Bingo – 7 Days, 7 Slots Animation

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Image of rocket taking off in film strip to visually describe motion graphics animation

the project

For this particular task, we were commissioned by Betfair Group Plc to create and engaging promotional video for use on their promotional campaign ‘7 Days, 7 Slots.’ The aim of the animation was to explain to potential customers / players how to play the games available, along with a brief overview of some main terms and conditions, in a visually pleasing and engaging manner. It was wisely decided by the Betfair team that motion graphics explainer video was a much better way to reach out to their audience than text.


Image of mouse clicking to illustrate the technical tools we used when creating this animation

technical tools

In order to create a high quality end result, we used Adobe Illustrator for the creation of the graphics and animation assets, then importing these into After Effects where we began work on bringing the animation to life. 



Image of flashing lightbulb with exclamation mark to visually show the process we took when creating the animation


Overall, Dab Hand Digital devoted two weeks to complete. This broke down to around two to three days for carefully crafting the script to guarantee every focus point was included, along with the appropriate call to actions to ensure the level of engagement and audience participation on the games after viewing the video was kept at a satisfactory level.

We next produced an in-depth storyboard of potential ideas for the animation, detailing each and every main scene along with it’s corresponding voiceover and a relevant description of what would be happening on the screen. This is a critical step in not only minimising the overall lead time on the project, but also helps to present to Betfair in a visually pleasing and simple manner how the final outcome of the project could look. Several drafts were created here, with occasional script revisions and reordering to enhance the flow of the animation and reduce any potential scope for misunderstanding or confusion when viewed by our audience. You can find the final draft of the storyboard here.

Once we received confirmation that our final draft was good to go – we set about selecting an appropriate voice actor to bring our script to life. For this, the marketing guys at Betfair had previously discussed the video being targeted towards a youthful audience. This therefore made our selection of Jenni Monday, a renowned BBC voice talent, an suitable fit down to her young, professional and energetic voice. Similarly, we also worked with Betfair to source a suitable piece of background music which would help emphasise Jenni’s energetic voice and also help to keep our audience engaged throughout the video.

We soon begun work on bringing the storyboard and audio assets to life using Adobe After Effects and within a number of days we presented the first deliverable draft to the Betfair marketing team. The feedback was incredibly positive, with only several small amendments returned to us. Such amendments only included altering’s of a handful of transition speeds, inserting short pauses in various sections of the voiceover and a to provide a secondary option of music.


Image of two champagne classes clinking together to show celebration on the outcome of the animation project


Soon, we had delivered our final draft and organised the appropriate web ready video renders to be transferred to the Betfair Marketing team. We soon after received gleaming feedback from Anthony Morris, Betfair’s at the time head of Poker, Bingo and Exchange Games.

“What can I say, Dab Hand Digital created us a brilliant animated video that was exactly what I asked for. They were transparent, clear and able to have creative ideas that would help our video. Turn around time was exactly what was quoted and the animation work can‘t be faulted! Brilliant work, I would definitely recommend to anyone, and will be using his services again! Top professional!”

Anthony Morris, Betfair Group Plc

In the coming months we would receive word of a secondary motion graphics project required by the Betfair Marketing team – for which you can view here.

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