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the project

Following the success of the 7 days, 7 slots project with Betfair, we were given the opportunity to create a second promotional animation for Betfair Exchange Games which explained how easy it was to play, along with how promoting the games in an engaging and exciting manner which helps get more users onto the games.

Initially the animation was created for use on their website and youtube channel – however, it was later converted to an animated gif by the Betfair team for use on their email marketing campaigns.


Image of mouse clicking to illustrate the technical tools we used when creating this animation

technical tools

After creating an engaging and informative script, we set about creating our animation assets within illustrator, and imported these into our storyboard template in indesign. You can view the finalised version of the storyboard here. We later used Adobe After Effects to bring this storyboard to life.

Image of flashing lightbulb with exclamation mark to visually show the process we took when creating the animation

animation process

Together with Betfair, dab hand digital initially begun work on creating an informative script which would act as the foundation for our overall project. In order to give the best value for money on all projects, we ensure that all final scripts are well written – especially including all relevant call to actions to help maintain optimal conversion rates.

Following completion of the script, we begun putting visual representations of the animation scenes into a storyboard to help show what the animation could potentially look like before any valuable time was spent actually animating these ideas. This not only helps get our creative juices flowing, but allows for a more efficient workflow, where flaws in ideas can easily be spotted and corrected early on in the process.

Before getting into the nitty gritty animation process, we made a couple of small improvements to our script and storyboard which helped make it more informative and easier to understand. Once we were totally happy with the final storyboard we begun bringing the animation to life in after effects. For this particularly, we went through a small number of drafts which we altered transition speeds, along with also spending time ensuring correct hands were shown during the cards scenes. This guaranteed that the game was shown to the audience in as realistic way as possible.


Image of two champagne classes clinking together to show celebration on the outcome of the animation project


Around two working weeks from our start date we had delivered a full HD render of the final animation, which has been used on the Betfair website, youtube channel and also converted to an animated gif for use in their marketing efforts. We also received a gleaming review from the team on our trustpilot account which you can also view here

Harry is a pleasure to work with. He built the PaddyPowerBetfair Introductory video for Exchange Games in 2016. Our vision was translated very well into the final video. Any edits that were needed were dealt with very efficiently. Would highly recommend!

  • PPB Exchange Games Manager.

You can view the full video here

You can also view the email campaign here


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