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Image of desktop, mobile and tablet together to show responsive website design and development

the project

Earlier in 2016 we undertook production of a WordPress based E-commerce store and blog website for Smudge Kids, a new and exciting kids only variation of Smudge Boutique. As an already well established fashion retailer, it was important we produced a professional site which had a young and vibrant take on the original Smudge Boutique website.

Dab Hand Digital initially designed and developed the blog site as a standalone site from the E-commerce store to help keep things as affordable and practical for the Smudge Kids team.

Image of mouse clicking to visually show the technical tools adopted when building the website

technical tools

To achieve the best possible end result for Smudge Kids, we adopted various readily available tools to help create the website. Primarily, we used adobe illustrator to design the general theme of the website – focussing in particular on responsive layouts, general aesthetics and usability to produce the best possible design for our audience. Throughout the design process, mockups were presented using renowned interactive mockup application, invision.

WordPress was selected as the content management system (CMS) primarily due to its simplistic interface – which would be straight forward to update and manage throughout the sites life. As the Smudge Kids site was to be created into an e-commerce store, Magento was considered as a platform which could have been used as our online store. However, this was discarded as it couldn’t be used as a standalone blog site without a store.

Image of lightbulb lighting up with exclamation mark inside to visually describe the website process

the website process

After discussing the overall specification and aspirations for the site, we got stuck in with initial planning of layouts and design ideas in the form of sketches. These sketches act as the building blocks to the overall project and often identify any problems early on in the process – helping execute the project as smoothly as possible.

The following step involved bringing these sketches to life. Here, Adobe Illustrator and invision’s

interactive mockup application would be put to use to create a set of almost useable dummy pages that the Smudge Kids team could view and feedback on for further improvements.

After nailing the interactive mockups for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile the dab hand digital team then begun coding. Initially the site was build using only the blog functionality, however at a later date we then integrated the E-commerce functionality using the woo commerce plugin.

Upon completion of the development work, the site was migrated from the development server to being live at Finally, various security, SEO and analytics tools were installed to ensure Smudge Kids was continually well protected, along with being search engine friendly. Analytics allows both us and the Smudge Kids team to analyse incoming traffic, bounce rates and other important information that will assist us in continually making improvements to ensure our users get the best possible experience out of the site as possible.

Image of two champagne glasses clinking together to show celebration at final outcome of the website


Upon completion of the blog functionality we received gleaming feedback from the Smudge Kids team:

This project was bigger and took a little longer, but Harry was great to work with again and very happy to make any amendments I needed as and when they popped up 🙂 

Carina Walsh (Founder at Smudge Kids + Smudge Boutique)

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