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Image of desktop, mobile and tablet together to show responsive website design and development

the project

The Wallace Scott Consulting Services website was a follow on piece of work from some original branding work we undertook with Adam Wallace Scott (Director) previously in 2016. The project entailed taking the original wix website and completely revamping it into an eye catching, responsive and informative wordpress site which WSCS could easily update and manage as needed.

We initially discussed producing a more content focussed site with blog functionality which WSCS could share regular engaging content – such as achievements, new clients or other relevant content. However, as WSCS is a small business it was identified that a significant time restraint was a blocking factor in adopting this functionality. So, we agreed a simplistic yet visually appealing one page wordpress site was the way to go. 

From the beginning we established that the primary goals of the WSCS website was to serve as an easily accessible showcase of their skills, services and client base. Similarly the page would be ‘kitted out’ with appropriate call to actions where prospective clients could get in touch and enquire about potential projects to encourage conversion (the process of turning the user into a customer)

Image of mouse clicking to visually show the technical tools adopted when building the website

technical tools

Throughout this project, various tools were used to create the website. Firstly, we used Adobe Illustrator to create the editable designs which would then be presented to WSCS through interactive mockup application invision. You can see the initial invision mockups here. Once finalised and signed off, our development team took these mockups and developed them into a responsive wordpress theme which Adam and the WSCS team could easily manage and update as needed.

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the website process

After establishing the aims and aspirations of the site we begun work on the planning and design stage. As this was a fairly small one page website, we felt the need to perform in-depth wire framing was unnecessary – so we progressed straight onto the nitty gritty design and created the various layouts simultaneously. This therefore helped to reduce the overall lead time on the project, without causing any confusion or difficulties in planning.

We presented the mockups using invision, an interactive mockup application which allows its users to use designs as if they were built – without being as time consuming as building the site and presenting that. This also is a less confusing method than presenting a still image as our client can scroll through the page and get a better understanding for sizing, design and other ideas – this is particularly apparent with larger project with multiple screens and interaction points.

We produced several drafts of designs which included small changes in copy, design and layout until both parties were satisfied with the outcome. These designs were regularly critiqued by both WSCS and ourselves until we concluded with a final draft which soon after entered the build stage.

During this our expert development team used the latest coding practices to develop a bespoke wordpress theme. There were a handful of minor amendments to the final build – which were undertaken and updated, ready for WSCS’s business networking days.

Finally, a short explainer video was created to explain the various customisable elements within the site – such as updating photos, text and temporarily hiding a section until a later date.

Image of two champagne glasses clinking together to show celebration at final outcome of the website


Within two weeks we had delivered a fully responsive, bespoke one page wordpress website which we now currently host for WSCS. The feedback for this project can be seen below

Dab Hand Digital have been a pleasure to work with. Very creative. They must be to turn my very loose requirement into a great looking site. And the instructional video is a huge bonus along with a very well priced hosting service. Thanks!

Adam Wallace Scott (Director at WSCS)

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