How We Can Help

Let’s face it – who wants to read a large block of text nowadays? Make use of motion and sound to really engage your viewer, making a lasting impression. Not to mention the added benefits of additional marketing platforms (such as youtube and vimeo)

With every project, our animation experts will provide fantastic work, phenomenal customer service and hawk eye attention to detail! We’d love discuss your animation idea with you – let’s get the ball rolling!

The Process

Stage One – Initial Discussion

We firstly identify both you, and your viewers objectives for the animation – is it perhaps to boost sales? Or maybe for a viewer to learn how to use your product. Once the objective is identified – we’ll get the ball rolling with script writing.

Stage Two – Storyboarding

The next stage is storyboarding. This stage will help deliver visual snapshots of what each important ‘scene’ will look like. The animation stage is fairly time consuming, which is why we include unlimited amendments during the storyboarding stage – ensuring we get things right first time!

Want to see what a storyboard looks like? See one in action here:

Stage Three – Voiceover Recording

Once you’re happy with the script and storyboard we can sign it off and select a voice actor to record the script. You can listen to samples of our favourite voice actors here. Have something else in mind? Let us know what you’re after and we’ll source it for you – anything’s possible, so we’ll make it happen!

Check out who could potentially voice your next video here:

Stage Four – Animation

Our animation experts will the bring our storyboard and script to life using the latest software and animation techniques. All animations are delivered in 1080p HD resolution as a default render. Although, we’re happy to produce the final render at any specified settings – so let us know if you have a specific requirement!

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