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Let’s face it – who doesn’t have a smartphone nowadays? With around 76% of British civilians owning a smartphone or tablet – not having an app for your business would be appsolutely mad (excuse the pun!)

The Process

Stage One – Initial Discussion

Like websites, the process begins with initial discussion, where we find out a bit about you, your project and what we can do to help. Important factors to determine at this stage include ‘which devices do you wish to cater for?’

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Stage Two – Wireframing

The next stage is wireframing – this is where we plan out your users journey from start to finish. Wireframing is particularly important with large projects to ensure the users journey is an easy and enjoyable experience. The initial wireframes are presented in interactive form, which you can see here.

Stage Three – Design

Once we’ve mapped out the users journey as wireframes, we can then move on to the fun part…designing! All designs are presented in interactive form using invision. You can see an example here. We include unlimited amendments in both these stages and always love to try out new things.

Stage Four – Development & Testing

Once you’re happy with our designs, we’ll then get the ball rolling on development. It is important to have nailed the designs to make sure everything runs smoothly during this stage.

Our development guru’s will build your application using the latest coding standards and technologies available. Throughout the process the work will be rigorously tested and improved to make the best end product.

Typically, we will opt for react native to build your app. This is techy speak (we know) – but we’ll have you know react native is the bee’s knees as it allows one app to be written which can then be used on multiple device types (such as android, apple and windows) 

Stage Five – Deployment

Woo! Your application is now complete! Now we can submit it to for approval on the relevant stores ready for it to be downloaded. For apple devices, this takes around two weeks. 

Stage Six – Monitoring & Ongoing Improvements

Now that the app is live on our chosen stores – our work is most certainly not done yet! We will continually monitor apps for any new bugs, as well as analysing your apps performance through analytics to see how well your app is doing.

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