Clyde View Opticians

The Overall Project

Clyde View Opticians are a local opticians start up looking to establish an internet presence and show off their impressive showroom in a way that set them apart from the competition. To partner an attractive and easy to use website, Dab Hand Digital also facilitated filming activities in and around the showroom. 

Showcase Video

This video was shot in and around Clyde View Opticians space which, partnered with some uplifting music, presents Clyde View Opticians as an inspiring opticians to join. 

The Website

Alongside the showcase video, Dab Hand Digital also created an easy to use, attractive website which allows its users to book appointments which are integrated into the Opticians own external booking system. For this, we opted for WordPress – meaning Clyde View Opticians could have a truly bespoke, eye catching site that complimented matched their impressive showroom space.

End Result

Upon completion, Dab Hand Digital delivered a fully bespoke WordPress site which offers an easy to use, fast and scalable solution for Clyde View Opticians. The site makes use of an intuitive drag and drop builder which gives the business full control over adding new elements and amending existing content.

The video was also well received across several mediums (primarily social media channels Facebook and youtube) and has acted as a fundamental source of lead generation for the business.

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